Solution for Telecom Installers From Telecom Tools Inc.

Accredited Business Consolidators Corp, announced that its affiliate, Telecom Tools, Inc.,
introduced a patent pending solution to a common problem facing telephone

Punch-down tools are routinely used when installing wiring for
communications systems and in telephone rooms. The #66 punch-down blade
frequently causes accidental shorting when installers brush the tool
against adjacent connections. This causes digital stations to crash,
lockup, or trip circuit protection, resulting in dropped calls and upset
clients. Worse, such accidental contact sometimes causes permanent damage
to equipment.

"Once I saw a telephone technician short-out an expensive phone system. As
I saw the smoke rise, I knew exactly what occurred. I realized that there
was an answer to the problem by applying a polyimide coating to the tool,"
said Stephen Sussman, President of Telecom Tools, Inc.

Counsel for Telecom Tools filed a patent application on January 15, 2010,
to protect the invented modification. "Tool manufacturers can add the
coating to the tools for only a few pennies and a fair royalty to Telecom
Tools, Inc. and most telephone technicians will snap them up as the problem
is frequent. Every technician has at least one horror story using
non-protected tools," Mr. Sussman explained.

Telecom Tools and ACDU will immediately begin marketing the idea to
manufacturers of the present tools.

Telecom tool manufacturers may contact the Company to obtain information on
licensing the improvement for their existing tool line.

A copy of the patent application may be downloaded from theitalianoveninc website.


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