NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder 1.02.145

The NVIDIA DVD decoder is the first software decoder to receive the “Designed for Media Center Edition” certification, ensuring that it will deliver premium video quality and unmatched performance for Media Center PCs. In addition, the NVIDIA DVD Decoder is designed to work with Portable Media Centers allowing users to take their recorded TV shows with them on the road.

If you want to trial out this version for 30 days, just enter the following details:
Name: NVIDIA Trial
Email Address:
Last 4 Digits of Credit Card: 2004
Activation Key: 7152-9346-DD6E-2CB0-79A3-5F08-AC23 • For Windows Media Player 10 and Media Center Edition, added playback of ATSC and DVB transport streams in both SD and
• Improved the smoothness of HD MPEG-2 playback for Windows
• Added ICodecAPI interface to allow Windows MCE 2006 to directly format and output options.
• Added Microsoft ETW instrumentation for performance monitoring.
• Fixed stress regression issues for Windows MCE 2006 beta.
• Added support for UVYV output formats.
• Set “Smart” de-interlacing control setting as the new default.
• Fixed bug with Italian PAL—DVD ʺHeatʺ displays skewed picture.
• Added fallback to internal color controls when using VMR7 in
• Fixed a bug involving subpicture highlights being frozen on the menu after fast-forwarding through the trailers.
• Added support to get GOP Time codes and then set them as media
• Fixed MPEG1 playback for 120-line content encoded as 128 lines.
• Fixed jerky playback on Eagles’ “Hell Freezes Over” DVD.

Had problems running this myself, using the latest NVIDIA drivers and WindowsXP x64 but I will keep trying, I am eager to see if the codecs will work with Zoom Player, but I have a feeling they will be fixed to Windows Media Player like the last release was.

News source: Release notes
Download: NVIDIA Purevideo Decoder 1.02.145


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