Zoom Player 4.5 RC2

Zoom Player Standard, a flexible feature rich Media Player that for all its features and goodness remains bloat-free. And Zoom Player Professional, which on top of being a great Media Player, incorporates the most powerful DVD Front-End you could imagine (and is even a few features you didn’t think of imagining). There is now also a new version called Zoom Player WMV Professional version which will allow the user to play Windows Media DRM content.

Zoom Player provides special zooming functions to improve TV-Output quality by eliminating overscan. Zoom Player’s scaling system allows you to exactly match the video area to your screen’s dimensions in real-time with adjustable background color in order to test for brightness bleeds. – Improved OSD Navigation.
– Enhanced Skin.
– Lots of Fixes.

The changelog is as always alot more extensive and you can check it out at the link below!

Download: Zoom Player
View: Changelog


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