Getright (Professional) 6 Beta 3

GetRight extends the ability of your web browser`s built in downloading by supporting graceful error recovery, download resuming, and many other advanced downloading features. It is different than traditional FTP clients. It is designed to easily add onto your web browser to download files you find using the Web. It provides many features to automate and control your downloads, including scheduling them to start at a time, dialing your modem, hanging up the modem when the files are done, and much more.
– Added support for FTPS downloads (both explicit ftps:// and implicit on port 990).
– Added Script Manager to let you see and control any GetRight Pro scripts that are running.
– Better Podcast scheduling.
– Added checking when adding a Podcast for any files that were already downloaded
– Fixed that GetRight didn’t get the last playlist from iTunes.
– Added so you can choose the “classic” graphics for toolbars, etc. –
– Fixed a bug that GetRight Browser didn’t add files with spaces correctly.
– Added help prompt if click the Upload items and don’t have any upload servers setup.
– Fixed a number of other bugs.

Nothing too exciting, but bug fixes are always important!

Download: Getright Professional 6 Beta 3 Download
Download: Getright 6 Beta 3


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