HDD Mechanic released by Recovery Mechanic

Recovery Mechanic Company announces the release of HDD Mechanic, the company’s top of the line hard drive recovery software for Windows users. HDD Mechanic combines convenient wizard-based user interface with sophisticated data recovery technologies, allowing even the least experienced computer users achieving great recovery rates.

HDD Mechanic provides reliable disk and data recovery to Windows users. The tool is designed with ordinary computer users in mind, featuring plain and straightforward wizard-based user interface. Designed to recover lost and deleted files and folders, HDD Mechanic can also repair damaged file systems, unformat disks, and restore re-partitioned hard drives.

The unique data recovery algorithms employed in HDD Mechanic make it possible to recover the most data from disks that are badly damaged, severely corrupted, formatted or repartitioned. The tool scans the entire surface of the disk being recovered in order to detect, locate and recover recognizable files in more than 200 formats. HDD Mechanic ensures the recovery of important types of data such as office documents and spreadsheets, emails, compressed archives, digital pictures and multimedia files.

HDD Mechanic can recover deleted files and folders and repair most types of damage to disks, partition tables, and file systems. Supporting all major and minor revisions of FAT and NTFS file systems used in all versions of Windows since Windows 95 and up to the latest Windows Vista, HDD Mechanic is able to repair hard drives, removable disks, a variety of memory cards, and can even restore data from digital cameras and MP3 players connected directly to a PC.

The free demo version of HDD Mechanic is available to all visitors. The free demo performs the complete scan of the disk being recovered, and features full pre-recovery preview for all supported formats. HDD Mechanic guarantees the recovery of all files for which previews are displayed.


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