CMS Products provides BounceBack Ultimate Software Compatible With Windows 7

CMS Products, Inc., (
an award-winning developer of data security, backup, disaster recovery
and content management technologies today announced that its BounceBack
Ultimate software package has been certified by Microsoft Corp. for use
with the new Windows 7 operating system.

BounceBack Ultimate with “Instant PC Recovery” is the first
commercially-available software product that enables computer users to
instantly start up their Windows-based PC following a computer hard
drive “crash.” Allowing users to continue working with no data loss by
starting Windows from their external USB hard disk, BounceBack Ultimate
provides the opportunity to recover or replace the internal system hard
drive at a convenient time, with no worry about downtime.

“Computer users look to us to provide the latest in data backup and
Instant PC Recovery to protect them should a disaster occur,” said Gary
Streuter, Vice President of Marketing for CMS Products. “By earning the
‘Compatible with Windows 7’ logo from Microsoft, we feel confident that
our line of BounceBack software offerings will provide users with
leading-edge tools to protect their invaluable data, as well as their
operating system, digital photos, video, music and applications, easily
and effectively.”

BounceBack Ultimate offers users its exciting “Instant PC Recovery”
feature which allows the user to restart their Windows-based PC from
the mirrored USB hard drive, thereby freeing users from the immediate
need to correct the problem of their system’s hard drive failing. CMS
has worked within the Microsoft logo program to ensure that users of
Windows 7 can take advantage of all of BounceBack’s unique features
that are supported in Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Additionally, BounceBack Ultimate delivers super-secure file-level AES
256-bit encryption for additional peace of mind, as well as many other
popular user options such as multi-destination backup, synchronization,
versioning and scheduled backups. A variety of useful features take
BounceBack Ultimate to the pinnacle of data recovery, including
continuous data protection (CDP), application throttling, Quick
Restore™ and true open file backup support.

BounceBack Ultimate mirrors the Windows system hard drive and maintains
it on an external USB drive. Every 60 minutes, BounceBack Ultimate
updates the external USB drive with any changes or additions made to
the system drive. BounceBack Ultimate provides an easy-to-use interface
– the program simply works in the background, keeping the mirrored copy
of the system drive up-to-date and functional.

Should the system drive fail or become inoperable, BounceBack Ultimate
provides CMS’ patent-pending “Instant PC Recovery” feature to get users
up and running in a matter of minutes by supporting Windows startup
from the USB drive. BounceBack Ultimate also provides the tools to
recover the internal system drive via its one-click recovery – allowing
users to complete recovery of their internal system hard drive from the
mirrored USB drive at their convenience.

BounceBack Ultimate is currently available from leading resellers or directly from the company’s web site,


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