“Video Connect” and “Mosaic” Introduced by TATA Communications

Tata Communications, a leading provider of new world communications, today announced its Global Media & Entertainment Solutions (GMES) group. With this announcement, it has launched its dedicated global video network “Video Connect” as well as unveiled its media management platform – Mosaic (which Tata Communications had recently acquired from BT Group plc).

As part of the GMES portfolio, Video Connect and Mosaic – will complement Tata Communications’ existing Media and Entertainment services, offering media companies an integrated end-to-end solution that enables global collaboration across the media ecosystem.

Through the GMES group, Tata Communications aims to maximize the opportunities that digital media provides by enabling end-to-end management, distribution and delivery of content over its lifecycle from production to distribution. This makes Tata Communications a unique solutions provider, enabling collaboration and integration with various partners in the Media ecosystem and offers a robust global media delivery infrastructure to reach the end-user.

The Media industry can thus address emerging challenges posed by globalization and the fragmented consumption of media using Tata Communications’ portfolio.

‘Video Connect’ from Tata Communications

As the world’s most advanced dedicated global video network, Video Connect is designed to help broadcasters, studios and production houses deliver video content flexibly and cost-effectively to media hotspots worldwide. By leveraging Tata Communications’ global network infrastructure, ‘Video Connect’ ensures permanent availability of bandwidth and seamless transmission of video at constant bit rates.

‘Video Connect ‘offers up to 99.999% uptime by providing auto re-routing on diverse and protected paths on both primary route as well as “around-the-globe” over and above the basic triple-protected SDH network between Video Connect PoPs. Thus there are 4 redundant and diverse paths between each of the 12 Video Connect nodes across New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad, as well as more downstream partners in each region PoP on the network.

A dedicated video network operations center ensures round the clock system availability along with Video analytics to provide reports on Video quality.


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