Embraceware Software releases Awaken 1.3

Embraceware Software today is pleased to announce Awaken 1.3 for iPhone and iPod touch. Awaken is a digital alarm clock, sleep timer, fullscreen clock, and flashlight. Wake up to music on your iPhone or iPod touch or any of the dozen built in sounds. Set the volume and screen brightness to slowly fade in to ease you out of sleep.

Feature Highlights:

  • Simple, elegant user interface
  • Wake up to your music or sounds
  • Fullscreen snooze control
  • Alarm volume and brightness fade in
  • Create and manage multiple alarms
  • Fall asleep with the sleep timer
  • Sleep Timer volume and brightness fade out
  • Slide finger to adjust brightness
  • Fullscreen clock with 6 styles

Fall asleep listening to your music with the sleep timer. Choose your music, set a duration, and optionally, set the volume and screen brightness to fade out as you drift off to sleep. Choose from a selection of 6 fullscreen clock styles. Works great as a night table or desk clock. Supports both portrait and landscape modes. Awaken is designed for night and we added a handy flashlight function to prevent stumbling around in the dark. Shake your iPhone anytime while running Awaken to toggle the flashlight on and off.

New features introduced in version 1.3:

  • New application icon
  • New amber clock style
  • New red light added to flashlight selections
  • Snooze timer countdown displayed
  • Toggle snooze on/off with double tap
  • Toggle between artwork or clock during playback
  • Swipe left/right to go to previous/next song
  • 75 song limit removed for alarms and sleep timer
  • Flip clock is now animated
  • Crash bug corrected on music selection
  • Visual tweaks to all clock styles

System Requirements:
iPhone or iPod Touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Awaken is currently 50% off for a limited time at just 99 cents Available exclusively through Apple’s App Store in the Utilities category.


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