Toshiba’s new smartphone to be named as TG02

A filing with the FCC confirms that Toshiba’s new smartphone will be named the TG02. The filing also verifies some of the details regarding the phone that had been leaked in mid-2009. The TG02 will incorporate several improvements over its predecessor, the popular TG01, including an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5 and a water-resistant shell.

Designed to compete with the iPhone and other high-end smartphones, those leaks have suggested that the Toshiba TG02 will feature a 4.1in capacitive touchscreen and retain the candybar form factor and 1GHz Snapdragon processor of the TG01. The filing shows the TG02 will be a quad-band GSM handset, with Bluetooth, 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities.

The TG02 had been expected to debut in the US market in late 2009. Toshiba has not formally announced launch dates and pricing.


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