T-Mobile using Nexus one unable to use data service

T-Mobile-using Nexus One owners on Friday noted a widespread inability to use any data services on their phones. The issue began early in the morning and tells Americans trying to use the Android phone that they "need a webConnect data plan" even when one is active. The carrier is aware of the issue but doesn’t say when it expects the problem to be fixed.

Other phones, including other Android phones like the Behold II and myTouch 3G, aren’t known to be affected. Those running unlocked models on AT&T also aren’t

What triggered the outage is still unknown, though it comes not long after Google promised a fix for sub-par 3G performance specific to the Nexus One. Users have complained that the HTC-built phone either gets sub-par 3G reception or even drops to EDGE when other phones will get full speed in the same area.


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