Instant Business Network 4.7 – a web-based solution software released

Mediachase announces a new build of Instant Business Network 4.7 – a web-based solution for project, task and incident management.

Mediachase announces the release of the new Instant Business Netwrok 4.7 build 4.7.60 with an upgraded interface and a number of new features, including an option to organize todo chains. The new installation files are already available on the Mediachase web site.

Instant Business Network (IBN) is a web-based collaborative software, developed using .NET. The product consists of a web portal and a set of client tools that solve together a wide range of business tasks including project collaboration and management, incident management as well as time-tracking and reporting. IBN allows co-workers, team members, customers, and partners of a company to effectively collaborate and share information in the own online company’s working portal.

Interface changes are among the most essential features of the new IBN build. There is a wide range of interface related changes. For example, HTML tags can now be used as field values of a dictionary, and there are new constants "Tomorrow" and "Next Week" in list filters for the fields of the type "Date".

Some changes have been made to IBN objects: there is a new project status "Cancelled", and there is a new option to add predecessors and successors for a todo (before the latest option was available for tasks only).
Traditionally, some minor interface changes have been made, and some errors have been fixed.


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