Automatic handling incoming faxes by VirtoSoftware

VirtoSoftware announces a new simple and effective service for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 that enables automatic handling incoming faxes, forwarding and storing them in SharePoint lists.

Virtosoftware offers a new service for Microsoft SharePoint 2007 which is designed to help companies and departments suffering from a daily stream of incoming faxes. Virto Incoming Fax is a new simple service for handling incoming faxes and forwarding them from Microsoft Fax Server to SharePoint. The service consists of two elements. Virto Incoming Fax Client service registers an incoming fax and forward it to the Virto Incoming Fax Server. The latter stores the fax in a SharePoint list.

The service can be easily set up as a SharePoint web part. Once the Virto Incoming Fax Server is installed, just chose a list where incoming faxes should be stored and then install Virto Incoming Fax Client on the computer with Microsoft Fax Server. Once this is done, all the incoming faxes will be automatically forwarded to SharePoint and stored in the chosen SharePoint list. The information like caller number, recipient number and page count will be stored in the corresponding fields of the list.

The service is useful for organizations or departments (e.g. sales or financial) that daily get hundreds of faxes. With Virto Incoming Fax Service for SharePoint you can easily handle all your faxes, regardless of their amount, collecting them automatically and storing in a SharePoint list. In addition, you can use the service to design a workflow that includes a procedure of fax processing.

Virto Incoming Fax Service expands the line of Virtosoftware services for handling incoming correspondence, which was started by Virto Incoming Email Service that collects messages from specified email addresses and put the information from the messages into a predefined SharePoint list.


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