DJ Mixer Professional is now been introduced for Mac 2.0

DJ Mixer Professional a complete DJ solution for amateur and professional DJs alike, which enables you to mix digital music in various formats such as MP3, M4A, WMA, AAC, OGG, WAV or aiff in real time. Now this superior DJ Mixing software has been further developed to mixing video clip, together with audios to have a professional mixing output! the program has an advanced BPM detection that will help you synchronize your tracks. It’s very easy to set a cue-point, control your mix with sample-accurate cue points, or continuously loop part of a song perfectly in sync with the beat. Beat-matching two tracks is also made easier. supports mix automatically or manually, play music to multiple sound systems at the same time, change song pitch, and much, much more.

DJ Mixer Professional perfectly integrates with your iTunes library and makes it easy to mix your favorite music. You can perform live, create and record your mixes at home.
DJ Mixer Professional is now fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Pricing and Availability
DJ Mixer Professional for Mac is available for $99.95. Exclusively for the Mac OS platform, it works on Mac OS X 104., 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. A 30-day free trial download is also available on the website.


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