FTP plug-in for Servoy is out by Mindfire solution

Mindfire Solutions, a leading software company in India today announced the release of a FTP Plugin for Servoy which can be used for various FTP operations. It can be used for file upload, create/change/delete directories, etc. The inhouse product was developed by engineers at Mindfire Solutions and is available for free download on Mindfire website. The plug-in is named as mfFtp.

"We value our time and always engage ourself during the free hours in developing small software applications which the software fraternity can use for workspace productivity improvement and this FTP plug-in for Servoy is the outcome of it", said Kiran K Singh, Project Manager, Mindfire Solutions.

Premchand Mali, Senior Software Engineer at Mindfire Solutions who spearheaded the initiative, is thrilled. There are a lot of FTP plugins or Beans available for Servoy which are free to download. However, mfFTP is different. One of the major advantages of mfFPT is the facility to upload Files/Directories in the background. This in turn, means that in all other Servoy FTP Plugins, the application freezes or ‘hangs’ when upload is in progress. But this one does it seamless! In addition, it also displays the percent completion upload status. The Plugin can also be scripted to get the Servor Response string. MfFTP has also its Default Update status window which shows list of files and its directory(s) to be uploaded with the progress bar. File uploading runs in the background." He added.

Asst. Manager, Marketing, Bijayani said, "If we have invested time in making something which increases our productivity, we would also like to share our learnings with others. This way, as we grow, we also facilitate an environment where growth is an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction. Knowledge share leads to more and better sophisticated knowledge. We welcome all to download the free version of mfFTP."


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