skylabs launches New Gadget to Combat Tangled Earphone Wires

skylabs Products Ltd. has invented a compact device that prevents the
tangling and knotting of earphone wires that will work with any music
player on the market, miniWINDER is the world’s smallest earphone
carrier with push-button retraction.

skylabs, a self-described invention company, opened its primary online
store in January 2010 in time for
the release of their first product, the miniWINDER. The device has
been specially designed by a team of engineers to wind up the user’s
earphones at the push of a button, thus removing the chance of tangled
or knotted wires.

miniWINDER is initially available at the skylabs online store, with
shipping to 14 countries, soon to be released to retailers in the
United States of America. skylabs’ miniWINDER comes in eight distinct
colors that reflect today’s popular music players.

"People wanted a cool gadget to make it easy to unwind their earphones
quickly, and carry them in a neat way. We came up with the miniWINDER
for them, and have now started making it in some great fashion colors
to match their iPods, cell phones, even handbags or clothes," said
Cameron Spencer, skylabs’ Founder and CEO. "We looked at every other
attempt that had been made to store earphones and knew there must be a
better way."

To use the miniWINDER consumers can simply insert part of their
earphone wires into the top of the device, press the button, and watch
as their earphones are wound up safely inside. miniWINDER™ can be used
while listening to music or for storage of earphones.

skylabs Products Ltd., based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2010.
Currently skylabs is focusing on developing lifestyle products that
will be engineered to provide solutions around the home with a vision
of tackling global problems in the future such as, better disease
diagnosis technology, roadable aircraft, cheaper energy, and improved
crop efficiency.


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