FixCleaner system repair software Updated for Windows 7 Optimization

SlimWare Utilities announces the release of the most recent version
of FixCleaner which is now updated for Windows 7. The most recent update of FixCleaner system repair software improves
performance of Windows XP Vista and Windows 7 with error diagnosis and
optimization strategies. Through a strategic
relationship with Microsoft, the latest version of FixCleaner offers
computer users a single program to diagnose and repair problems with
Windows 7 systems. 

“With the updated version of FixCleaner, machines running Windows 7
can diagnose and repair the most common problems in less than two
minutes. This optimizes performance of the computer and resolves a
multitude of system problems and slowdowns,” says Chris Harper, VP of
Marketing of SlimWare Utilities. Harper continues, “Working with
Microsoft, we designed FixCleaner to enhance and improve performance on
Windows XP Vista and now, with this update, Windows 7.”

FixCleaner for Windows 7 combines elements to clean a PC and improve
system performance. The most recent version of the software bundles
elements such as management of start-up programs, periodic cleaning of
stored data, fixing Windows errors and continuous updates from
Microsoft, Java and other web components.


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