3G VOIP is now available on Apple iPhone

Apple can now use voice over IP (VoIP) over 3G network operators.

To recall, until now it was impossible to use VoIP over the 3G network, this feature is only available to traver a wireless network. This explained that the iPhone applications like Skype or Fring could use VoIP if you were traveling with just a 3G access available.

This restriction was formally lifted by Apple following the presentation of the iPad Touch Pad. Development Kit for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad has been amended and all developers will be able to update their applications to remove this limitation.

This is already the case for applications iCall and Fring who can now use VoIP over 3G (including Skype in Fring). Recall that, contractually, subscriptions to mobile operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom prohibit the use of voice over IP. Legally, they might object to the use of these applications unbridled.


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