PSS Systems unveils Atlas Information Governance Suite 5.0

PSS Systems, the leading provider of information governance solutions, today announced the availability of Atlas Information Governance Suite 5.0.

Today’s release, the Atlas Suite further empowers legal departments to achieve rigorous discovery and companies to achieve defensible disposal. New capabilities in Atlas 5.0 include new information inventory risk analysis, new automation of data source catalog and information inventory workflows to determine the value of information and business group data habits, custodian fact finding tools, and its enhancements to hold and collection workflows.

Corporate legal organizations continue to struggle with adequate preservation and collection of information, largely because of very limited collaboration with IT organizations and dormant retention programs which compound the ever-growing volume of information. According to IDC, the volume of data is increasing by 50% per year, making the legal burden greater than ever and increasing data management and discovery costs. The lack of integrated workflows across legal, RIM and IT that systematically link legal obligations and value to information assets and which provide decision transparency to all stakeholders makes it impossible for organizations to systematically and defensibly dispose of information.

The Atlas suite is the only solution to address the enterprise reach of legal holds and to couple workflow for the preservation and collection of information with workflows for the parallel and dependent processes for retention, management, and disposal of information. This integrated approach enables legal to achieve rigorous discovery and defensible disposal.

According to David Stryker, General Counsel, BASF Corporation, “By implementing Atlas, we’ve been able to reduce risk and costs while driving a better process. As the established standard and with its strong focus on customers, PSS Systems was the clear choice for BASF Corporation.” Atlas has been helping companies achieve rigorous discovery and defensible disposal in Fortune 10 companies since 2005 and is the long-proven industry leader managing over 5 million custodians and data sources in 200,000 legal matters and over 100,000 retention schedules for tens of thousands of users in more than 100 countries.

Global enterprises are using Atlas to reduce risks and costs by uniting discovery and information management processes across Legal, IT, RIM and the Lines of Business. The Atlas Suite and new 5.0 workflow and analysis tools enable:    

Rigorous Discovery: Atlas unifies the holds, collections and audit processes across Legal, IT, RIM and lines of business. By providing continuous visibility for employees and IT, Atlas enables more efficient IT and employee compliance. Integrated enterprise discovery provides outside counsel with assurance to focus their efforts and cost analytics help establish early, accurate budgets to reduce outside counsel costs. New discovery capabilities in Atlas 5.0 are enhanced notice authoring and management, improved custodian fact finding, post-case data disposal, and enhanced hold and collection workflow.

Defensible Disposal: Atlas enables routine disposal of information with no legal obligation and no business value. Information inventory workflows and intelligent federation of legal holds and retention schedules provides continuous visibility to obligation by asset and employee so IT can retire data and assets rationally and defensibly. Atlas Compliance Automation connectors for IBM, Symantec, EMC, file shares and other sources automate compliance and data governance. Enhancements to information inventory workflow, now available in Atlas 5.0, enable a faster, easier path to enterprise information governance.

Informed Management Decisions: Atlas enables well-informed management decisions with dashboards that forecast discovery costs across the matter portfolio, identify and prioritize systems and assets by their level of risk, and track IT activity in discovery and compliance activities. New in Atlas 5.0, information analysis gives IT an asset portfolio view so they can identify redundant applications, consolidate instances and reduce data volume and overhead. New risk-based dashboards help focus IT investments where they reduce the most risk and cost.

Atlas is a single, cohesive system of record with natively integrated workflows and analytics for information governance stakeholders across Legal, IT and Records. With Atlas, legal achieves rigorous discovery. IT can defensibly dispose of data, and organizations eliminate unnecessary data management costs in line with legal and business requirements.


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