JAGTAG 2D Mobile Barcode Technology Now Live

JAGTAG, the only mobile 2D barcode to deliver optimized multimedia
content to both smartphones and standard phones, announced today that it
now works instantly on every camera phone in the United States. By adding T-Mobile, Sprint and all other networks to JAGTAG’s
previous capability to reach all AT&T, Verizon and Alltel camera
phone users, JAGTAG now delivers consumer-requested multimedia content
to 87 percent of mobile users, without requiring the user to download a
2D barcode code-reading application.

"This is a historic moment for ‘pull media’ in the United
States. Marketers can now deliver optimized multimedia content to almost
90 percent of mobile users, which is three times more people than
access the mobile web," said Dudley Fitzpatrick, Founder and Chairman of
JAGTAG. "Marketers and publishers can now go beyond app-focused,
‘smartphone only’ mobile marketing and engage the other 75 percent of
people who don’t own a smartphone. We continue to provide marketers the
best engagement for both smartphones and standard phones by customizing
every piece of content according to the consumer’s device capabilities."

JAGTAG is the only 2D barcode company capable of engaging
consumers via short code, email or Twitter. In recent campaigns, JAGTAG
found that response rates precisely mirror the overall mobile phone
market. Smartphone owners represent approximately 25 percent of JAGTAG
users, while standard phone owners account for approximately 75
percent of all mobile users who activate JAGTAG. Market figures and
JAGTAG usage highlight where other mobile marketing tools fall short in
delivering multimedia to a mass consumer audience.



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