Tpad announces VoIP Convenience with Google Checkout

As one of the leading global suppliers of Voice over Internet Protocol services, Tpad today announced the addition of Google Checkout to their roster of online payment options for their consumer services division. Tpad is dedicated to providing their customers in 28 countries with low-cost, superior service call packages, and the addition of this payment option further enhances the convenience of purchasing their VoIP call credits online.

Google Checkout has become a strong contender in online payment processors, allowing secure transactions for consumers integrated with fraud protection. The benefits for Tpad and its customers are numerous, starting with an increased level of security – via this partnership with Google Checkout they can purchase the services they need at each billing period without entering their information each time. The Brand Director of Tpad, Steven Johns spoke about the decision to use Google Checkout:

"Tpad has exercised a comprehensive strategy in partnering with Google Checkout to provide more convenience to our customers in the UK, US and European countries. This will allow them to have access to VoIP services and make international calls at a fraction of the cost they are paying currently with their local telecom. During 2010, Tpad intends to continue our proactive approach to deliver cutting edge communication services to keep our customers on point and in touch at the lowest rates possible." Johns continued: “As more consumers discover the advantages of VoIP, Tpad has revamped its service offerings to ensure that consumers enjoy the same level of convenience as our business customers. “


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