iStunt 1.1 by Profusion Studios announced

Profusion Studios is delighted to announce iStunt 1.1, an update to their popular 2D Snowboard game for iPhone and iPod touch. Developed specifically to leverage the iPhone’s unique capabilities and touch interface, iStunt is an addictive 2D game with a strong emphasis on physics. Perform amazing stunts while snowboarding through impossible scenarios in a unique game experience.

iStunt features 25 unique levels (including 2 tutorials) with each level requiring earned skills during gameplay. The game offers simple, yet compelling graphics and focuses on the gameplay experience with smooth camera and special zoom spots, such as cliffs and dangerous places. iStunt features two gaming modes, both with online scoreboard support via OpenFeint: in Stunt Mode, players reach a maximum score by performing amazing stunts. Under Time Trial Mode, players must complete levels in the shortest time possible. iStunt is powered by Box2D, Cocos2D and OpenFeint.

Easy to play, but difficult to master, each level is more challenging as the game progresses. Players swipe up to jump, swipe down to crouch and use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out. By tilting the device to control the Stunt Man in mid-air, players dodge and jump over floating mountains, spinning saws and dangerous stalagmites while taking advantage of boost zones to increase speed. iStunt also takes advantage of both landscape holding positions with gravity inversion. Players can rotate the device 180 degrees to continue playing.

Feature Highlights:
* Increasing dificulty adjusted to the average learning curve of the player
* Simple graphics focusing the experience on the gameplay
* Smooth camera with special zoom spots (cliffs and dangerous places)
* Gravity inversion (Rotating the device 180 degrees to continue playing)
* Signs giving hints of what to do during game progress
* Skip up to 5 levels
* Boost Zones which increase speed
* Floating mountains out of nowhere
* Spinning saws and dangerous stalagmites
* Tilt the device to control the Stunt Man in mid-air
* Swipe up to jump
* Swipe down to crouch
* Use two fingers to zoom in and zoom out
* Original sound effects
* Stunt Mode – Reach maximum score performing amazing stunts
* Time Trial Mode – Complete the level in the shortest time possible
* OpenFeint support with Online Scoreboards

"The level of excitement around iStunt has been increasing," said Andre Almeida, founder of Lisbon based Profusion Studios. "The user response to the game truly motivates me to keep adding new surreal levels and new unseen physics-related features in order to provide a great gaming experience to the player. The sound of the board touching the ground, sense of spectators watching the amazing stunts, smooth camera zooms on important spots, etc. I have tried to polish these aspects of the game to immerse players in an addictive 2D experience."

Version 1.1 includes minor bug fixes and a huge graphics improvement over the previous version, with five completely new levels. iStunt now offers users the ability to optionally calibrate the accelerometer, and now supports OpenFeint Achievements, a welcomed addition players will like. The application also includes an all new soundtrack, "Narrow Escape" composed by Josh Mobley and Woody Ranere.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch running 3.0 or later
* 9 MB device space

Pricing and Availability:
iStunt 1.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. There is also a Free Lite version of iStunt available with 5 levels. Review copies are available upon request. Previously, iStunt was free on Free App A Day event. On that day, the game was downloaded 80k times, reaching 50th place in the entire App Store.


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