Internet Security Suite 9.0 From BullGuard

BullGuard, specialists in
user-friendly PC and mobile security solutions for consumers, today
announces the release of the next generation of its flagship security
suite – BullGuard Internet
Security 9.0.

A revolution in user-friendliness, Internet Security 9.0 boasts a new
super simple user interface which means that functionality is no more
than one click away from the start screen: All the technical stuff is
tucked away behind the scenes, leaving the end user completely safe
whilst blissfully unaware of the technological intricacies behind
internet security. Should the user be interested in customising
profiles, settings and the like, that is of course possible – Internet
Security 9.0 offers the technically savvy plenty of adjustable filters
and rules to suit a plethora of needs. They are just contained so as not
to confuse or concern those who don’t want or need to know about ‘ICMP
rules’ and ‘subnets’.

Claus Villumsen, BullGuard’s CTO, said: "As the online security threat
continues to grow, consumers are becoming increasingly aware that being
connected to the rest of the world is potentially a risky business. And
they realise that online protection is necessary. The problem is that
internet security issues have grown so complex and diverse, that
consumers have given up on the technical terms used by the security
industry. Consequently, locating a security product, installing it and
actually using it effectively, is an overwhelming and unwelcome task to a
lot of people. That’s why BullGuard focuses on ease-of-use, a
down-to-earth, low-tech style of communication and a support service
which is unrivalled in the software industry."

Game Mode – full protection without loss of speed

Bullguard Internet Security 9.0 includes a Game Mode feature that
protects the gamer’s PC without sacrificing the quality and speed of
game play. The Game Mode operates alongside the security features but
directs the computer’s resources towards the game rather than the
security program, ensuring maximum performance without compromising

Consequently, BullGuard is the perfect security suite for the average
household, as the 3-computer licence caters for both safety and
performance, regardless of whether family members are using the computer
for banking or gaming.

Claus Villumsen concluded: "BullGuard Internet Security 9.0 provides
comprehensive threat protection which doesn’t slow down a computer no
matter what it is used for, as well as an unparalleled user-friendliness
on all levels, including an acclaimed support service. On top of that,
the suite comes with 5 GB of Online Backup – a bullet proof method of
keeping photos and all other important and personal data safe."

Features in BullGuard Internet Security 9.0 include:

New user interface, Game Mode, Easy one-step installation process,
Antivirus, Antispyware, Antiphishing, Spamfilter, Instant Message
protection, Firewall, Support, Backup.

Existing BullGuard Internet Security users will automatically receive a
free upgrade to the 9.0 version. 


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