It’s On My Way 2.0.1 released by JinDianZi

JinDianZi, LLC today is pleased to announce It’s On My Way 2.0.1, an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch designed to find the most convenient places to stop when you’re driving or walking. Simply enter a starting point, a destination, and the types of places you’d like to stop on your way. The app traces your initial route and finds matching businesses or other stopping points along your path, providing a final interactive map and step-by-step directions to efficiently reach each of your stops. It’s only $2.99 and requires no subscriptions or other additional expenses. Demo videos and a thorough explanation are available on our website.

Have you ever found yourself peering out the car window searching for some kind of business, like a gas station or a place to eat, only to end up driving well out of your way? Ever wondered which grocery store, coffee shop, or pharmacy was the most convenient when headed somewhere but struggled with a website or the Maps application? It’s On My Way eliminates those frustrations through the use of route mapping and searching.

Imagine you’re driving to a client’s office and need to stop and pick up a new presentation binder and want to bring donuts. Just enter your starting point – or use your device’s GPS to automatically enter your current location – and select your destination. Then tell it you want to find "office supplies" and "donuts" along the way. You’re presented with matching businesses that are right along your route, which you can sort by distance off your route or their proximity to the start or end of your trip. You can even sort them by how close they are to each other in order to eliminate extra stops. Choose your favorite matches and It’s On My Way provides a complete interactive map and step-by-step directions – you can even email them to yourself or others.

It’s On My Way is also perfect for round trips, and provides great walking directions, too. Let’s say you were staying at an unfamiliar hotel and hoped to walk to a nearby Thai restaurant and a Walgreens pharmacy. Just tell the app you want a walking round trip from your current location and have it search for "Thai restaurant" and "Walgreens." Choose from the most appealing matches and you’re provided with a full map of your route and walking-specific directions.

Quick Picks provide instant access to common search terms, and you can save your own favorite Picks for future searches, such as the names of local business chains or special types of places you like to stop. Select from your Contacts instead of typing full addresses, or save a new address for future use. Maps are presented in a familiar interactive format, with satellite image views just a tap away. With It’s On My Way you’ll never struggle to find convenient stops along your way because you’ll never again have to rely on apps that can only find businesses around a specific point.

Device Requirements:
iPhone and iPod touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
It’s On My Way 2.0.1 is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category. For additional information visit our website. Contact Matthew Frederick with any questions, interview requests, or requests for promotional review codes.


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