Broad Suite of Business Intelligence Capabilities From Jaspersoft’s

Jaspersoft, creator of the world’s most widely used business
intelligence software, today announced the immediate availability of
Jaspersoft 3.7 Community release for free download at
The Jaspersoft 3.7 Community release comes just weeks after the general
availability of Jaspersoft 3.7 Enterprise Edition, a
commercially-supported release of the most advanced business analytics
and reporting functionality available from an open source software

The Jaspersoft 3.7 Community release is a powerful series of business
intelligence projects that gives developers and customers advanced
usability features for even the most complex reporting environments, new
reporting enhancements for fine grain control of sophisticated report
layouts, and much broader support for both operating system platforms
and output to the latest application format extensions.

"Input from the global community of Jaspersoft developers drove our
decisions around new features and functionality to add to Jaspersoft 3.7
Community release," said Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "We’re
pleased to have had developers participate in this process by their
votes on our community site and by their contributions of code and QA

The new Jaspersoft 3.7 Community release gives users a much more
flexible, powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence solution,
including key new features such as:

  • Search-powered report repository, making it easier to find reports and report objects;
  • Support for report output types such as open office and the latest Microsoft file format extensions (xlsx and docx);
  • New cascading input controls enables smarter, easier-to-use reports;
  • New native support for Macintosh OS X;
  • Support for XLS as a data source;
  • Expanded user management web services;
  • New reporting enhancements such as list component, multi-band for a single report, footer positioning, and sorting for crosstabs;
  • And much more.

"From a business perspective, there aren’t many report frameworks out
there that are on par with Jaspersoft 3.7 Community release —
powerful, but cost-efficient," said Reuben Kerben, CEO of Spiral
Universe, makers of educational software for K-12 schools. "We find the
Jaspersoft technology quite flexible and customizable. Our Jaspersoft BI
is one of the reasons our company is growing so fast. Reports are
essential to schools – they’re mandated by state or national-level
governments, so they’re critical to our business."



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