Adoption of New Intel Core vPro Processors From Siemens

Siemens IT Solutions and Services, Inc. announced today that it is
employing new Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors with vPro
technology into its IT service offerings. The additional capabilities
of the new Intel Core vPro processor family will provide
Siemens’ services with even more robust IT management capabilities than
ever before.

Siemens IT Solutions and Services has worked very closely with
Intel to solidify the success of the vPro technology a technology that
allows its services to be delivered with enhanced management
capabilities, increased security and within an optimal virtual
environment. The Company has already adopted vPro technology into its
own IT infrastructure and services portfolio. Further, Siemens has
developed a formal assessment tool which they offer to current and
prospective clients that allows them to determine potential cost savings
and provides an analysis of how they can take advantage of vPro

"For Siemens IT Solutions and Services, the new Intel Core
vPro processor family has successfully moved from an ideal concept to a
"must have" for IT organizations," said Michael Kollar, Chief Architect
for Siemens. "We have worked extensively with Intel throughout the
evolution of the technology and have been a part of the assessment
process since the beginning. Intel Core vPro technology will allow us
to craft our services to deliver intelligent security and cost-reducing
management capabilities, all with optimal performance and minimal power
consumption. Intel Core vPro technology has helped both Siemens and our
customers further evolve our IT operations and capitalize on the
performance advantages and cost savings of virtualization. Further,"
said Kollar, "our assessment model will help clients better understand
how we have made it happen throughout our own vast IT structure and the
potential benefits they could realize by deploying vPro technology."

Siemens believes that these new processors and technologies
represent a transformation in service offerings that will lead to
dramatic changes throughout the IT infrastructure impacting everything
from data centers and server-centric platforms to truly virtual
desktops. The Company is planning to utilize the Intel Core vPro
processor family to help their customers transform their IT enterprise
landscape by deploying it across multiple devices, from thin client to
rich client environments.

"By deploying notebook and desktop PCs with Intel Core vPro
technology, IT managers should realize security, manageability and
energy saving improvements afforded by it. Within our own environment,
we’ve seen notable improvements in all three areas and we are confident
that our customers can realize similar benefits. We’ve seen improved
service levels, lower cost per seat, and added security in our own
operations and our customers are seeing up to 20 percent improvement
gains in their integrated infrastructure management."

Siemens will continue to collaborate with Intel as they roll
out the all new 2010 Intel Core vPro processor family-based PCs. As
companies look to cloud and thin client computing environments, Siemens
believes Intel vPro technologies offer unique flexibility for the PC
fleet to more effectively do traditional client-based computing as well
as next generation virtual containers.


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