Mobile Health Interventions Announces Mobile Text Messaging Program Designed to Modify Unhealthy Behaviors

Program sends text messages to keep you motivated
to change when you need it most

Mobile Health Interventions announced the launch of its
innovative health text messaging applications:  Health Txts and Custom Txts.

Health Txts assists people in changing unhealthy behaviors by sending text
messages that encourage specific self-improvement goals at the times and in the
places people need it most. For example, someone may receive a message at 10pm saying "only floss the teeth you want to keep."
Health Txts can be used for nearly any self-improvement goal such as reducing
drinking, eating healthier or even becoming more environmentally conscious.
Health Txts is FREE for three months of unlimited messages during our launch

Custom Txts is an open access application – also available for FREE – that
enables healthcare professionals to create their own text messaging programs for
their clients. For example, a drug treatment program may create a messaging
template for all their clients to keep them on track after they leave the
program.  Once the messaging template is created, it is available for use by
their clients through Health Txts.  

"The mobile phone is transforming how health services are delivered,"
explained Dr. Frederick Muench, clinical
psychologist and founder of Mobile Health Interventions. "There is now
substantial evidence that text messaging programs are effective adjunctive and
standalone interventions for a range of problem behaviors.  We are very pleased
to be able to provide this simple yet powerful program to help people stay
motivated to change in the face of constant environmental and internal

"A common concern among health practitioners is how to keep individuals
motivated between sessions," Dr. Muench added. "Custom Txts is the first open
access program that allows professionals to create their own messaging programs
to keep their clients on track outside of treatment."


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