Ampere Software unveils Black Berry Mobile Application development practice

Ampere Software, An innovative application software development company
launch robust and efficient blackberry mobile application development
with all the features integrated like that of calling, text messaging,
e-mailing, web browsing, etc. With its "Always On, Always Connected"
approach, it connects business users to their e-mail systems, including
Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange, and other critical systems (using
a General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-based wireless connection.

Developers from Ampere Software build an application with the
Blackberry’s Mobile Data System; they are creating amazing that is
perfect fit for Enterprise Solution framework. An example of blackberry
application would be something like a realtor’s Blackberry financial
calculation tools. These applications work inside the Enterprise
Solution to give realtors real time financial information that they can
easily share with their clients to improve right business decisions.

"This application can be used not only for emails, but also Customer
Relationship Management (CRM), field service, Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP), order entry, Internet and intranet access, instant
messaging and more all the tools and applications necessary for you to
make key business decisions quickly" said Nitin Chauhan, CEO Ampere

BlackBerry programmer’s team will assist customers to create best logic
and then convincing your business process to BlackBerry smart phones
platform. In last few years Ampere Software become the major source to
develop the highly robust software product for the famous offshore
brands across the world and satisfied successfully.


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