Excel Software releases LicenseSupport 1.0

Excel Software, a leading supplier of Mac and Windows software protection tools, announces LicenseSupport 1.0 for customer support. Software vendors use LicenseSupport to manage customer licenses for protected applications and documents. With minimal training or technical skills, a customer support person can safely and securely provide an activation code, reset a license, block an activated license before issuing a refund or change the number of allowed activations for a serial number.

LicenseSupport works directly with an application or document protected by QuickLicense, QuickLicense Server, DocProtect or AppProtect. LicenseSupport also connects by Internet to the Safe Activation server. This task-oriented tool prompts the customer support person for the required information and generates a license code to support a customer by phone or email. LicenseSupport stores customer records, maintains an historical log of support activities, provides integrated email support and presents a secure login process.

In addition to direct and Internet based support of protected applications and documents, LicenseSupport documents a simple programming API for the Safe Activation server. A vendor’s web site can securely access support commands to retrieve a Serial Number for a specific product, check the status of a license or view a customer record. The license status of a Serial Number can be changed including suspend, reset, subscriber, used, notify, allowed activations or optional features in the customer’s license can be remotely enabled.

Customer data including custom fields and checkboxes can be edited, searched, imported from comma-separated text, exported or added from a Safe Activation generated email message. By integrating customer data, license commands and historical logs, LicenseSupport can simplify and optimize the support process for a specific customer license based on the Serial Number.

Pricing and Availability:
LicenseSupport 1.0 is $395 (USD) for a Single User License on either Windows (XP, Vista or 7 with 32 or 64 bit processor) or Mac OS X (PPC or Intel). The Site License edition allows any support representative on the vendor’s network to access the license data. The product includes a printed and PDF User Guide. Visit the company web site for demonstration videos, detailed product information and secure online ordering of Excel Software’s protection and license management tools.


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