Tales2Go 1.0 is now out

Tales2Go LLC today launched Tales2Go 1.0, a kids’ audio story subscription service for iPhone and iPod Touch users. Tales2Go is the first application to utilize streaming technology to deliver a subscription kids’ audio story service giving moms and dads instant, on-demand access to more than 700 titles from leading audio publishers and award-winning storytellers. The new service offers anywhere, anytime access for on-the-go families – in the car, in the waiting room of the doctor’s office, or even during quiet time at home. The company plans to roll out to other smartphone platforms and app stores (e.g., Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android) in the coming months.

Tales2Go is powered by streaming technology from Stitcher Radio, the leading news/talk audio app on smart phones. Stitcher recently announced a partnership with Ford at CES and unveiled plans to include the Stitcher app alongside Pandora on Ford’s new in-car entertainment system, Sync. Stitcher launched in the Apple App Store in September 2008.

Tales2Go has partnered with major audio publishers, including Recorded Books, Audio Bookshelf, Audio Holdings and August House. Tales2Go has also signed agreements with dozens of award-winning storytellers, including Bill Harley, Connie Reagan-Blake, Lyn Ford, Syd Lieberman, Bil Lepp, Dovie Thomason and Jim Weiss. The Tales2Go library will comprise 800+ stories at launch, and will quickly exceed 1,000 stories in the coming weeks. Story genres include fairytales, myths, classics, folktales, book series, and more.

This innovative new subscription service is both entertaining and beneficial for kids, providing moms with an alternative to "screen-based" media. Audio books have been shown to enrich listening skills, expose kids to new vocabulary and make children more eager to read.

Device and Service Requirements
* iPhone or iPod Touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* AT&T’s Edge and 3G networks or WiFi networks
* 1.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Tales2Go is offering a free 30-day trial for all new customers and is be available in the App Store in the Education category. Tales2Go is $24.99 (USD) for an annual subscription – saving time, effort and money vs. purchasing multiple story CDs or downloads. And with Tales2Go, there are no one-off purchases to get the next story.


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