WSI STAR System From WSI

WSI (Weather Services International), the most
trusted global weather solutions provider, today announced that it is
beginning to take orders for Q2 delivery of the new STAR
(Storm-Threat-Alert-Respond) System, a tool integrating real-time
weather, weather forecasts and alerting for lightning and storms that
helps professionals in both wind turbine and utility operations respond
to the effects of severe weather outages.

The STAR System is available in two versions. One
is designed for wind farm operations and maintenance managers, the other
for utility operators. Both versions offer two screen views,
continental mode and site mode. Continental mode allows users to view a
large interactive map for situational awareness and current "alert
status" of all facilities or wind farms monitored. Site mode enables
users to view detailed forecast and alert information in regard to a
specific facility or wind farm. Users can easily switch between the
two views.

"The STAR System will make both wind farm and
utility operators better informed and more proficient at their jobs,
especially during severe weather alerts," said Ira Scharf, WSI General
Manager, Energy and Risk Division. "WSI’s STAR System incorporates the
latest technology in weather forecasting, lightning detection and storm


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