Support for Microsoft Outlook and other E-mail Clients From MXSave

MXSave, a leading provider of e-mail disaster recovery solutions has
announced immediate access to its e-mail disaster recovery service from
all standard desktop or mobile phone e-mail clients by enabling its
e-mail continuity plus service.

Previously customers using its
e-mail continuity service had to have their employees login to a web
based client to view spooled messages and reply-to or compose new
messages. Now customers can setup Microsoft Outlook or any other e-mail
client their employees utilize to view and respond to any messages that
fail-over to the disaster recovery service.

"By supporting
standard desktop and mobile phone e-mail clients, organizations receive
seamless e-mail disaster recovery for their employees," says Masood
Rahim, Founder and CEO for MXSave. "The user is already familiar with
the e-mail client they are using and now to be able to access our
fail-over service using that same e-mail client there is no productivity
loss for the user. When their e-mail server goes down any new e-mails
they receive and the ability to send out new e-mails is immediately
available using our service."

At a fraction of the cost of
competing services, the e-mail continuity plus service from MXSave is
available for organizations of all sizes.


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