PC version of Dead Space 2 discarded

The financial conference at Electronic Arts said that the PC version of Dead Space 2 will not see the day, or at least not immediately.

After a first episode very clearly appreciated by many players, Visceral Games gears with Dead Space 2, his official party. While we expected that the soft is developed on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, the recent financial conference EA has just confirmed the hit on consoles. The spokesman for the publisher has subsequently announced that "for now, the PC version is in preparation.

For now, we know that soft take place three years after the first episode, but the hero of the first episode will make a comeback. The road will not be limited only to a single vessel, since the outbreak of Necromorphs was extended to a space station initially very populated. Management of zero gravity has been modified to better control movement and shooting. A multiplayer mode is also planned.


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