Wii Homebrew Channel Emulator launched

Wii Homebrew Channel Emulator is a dream come true for all Nintendo Wii enthusiasts. Can you believe that now the Wii homebrew Channel Emulator has been released for public use? Yes, you can now benefit from the wii homebrew channel emulator and get all your favorite games on your Nintendo Wii console right away.

So, if you are looking for more gaming downloads and if you are interested in maximizing the Nintendo Wii console’s potential, here is what you have been looking for. Try this Wii homebrew Channel Emulator and see for yourself, how useful it is!

Well, an emulator is a computer program that enables one operating system to emulate or mimic another operating system. Wii homebrew Channel Emulator is a popular emulator developed for the sole purpose of emulating Nintendo Wii games from old consoles onto newer gaming platform.

But is Wii homebrew Channel Emulator legal?

Well, the answer is not clear as there have been several controversies surrounding the development, installation and use of Wii homebrew Channel Emulator. One of the many controversies surrounding Wii homebrew Channel Emulator is the Copyright Issues.

Often Wii homebrew Channel Emulator has been questioned for its capability to recreate an operating system making games compatible with that of your own console. Also, Wii homebrew Channel Emulator has been blamed to have used video games and downloads on ROMS and reformatting to make it for your console.

The reason given is that when these games are released, they are protected under copyright law and then when Wii homebrew Channel Emulator converts the games by simply downloading them, it is actually violating the copyright law.

However, it seems illogical to me that it is perfectly legal to own an emulator and anything done or recreated with that emulator turns out to be a violation of law! It has been assumed that if you own an emulator, you are only going to download and emulate a game for which you have the original version as well


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