Double-Take to be released for Linux Version 4.6

This product conducts real-time, full-server replication, which protects OS, application and data files to another server, allowing the user to effectively recover data on demand in the case of a server failure or data loss.

In addition to full-server replication, Double-Take Availability for Linux Version 4.6 also expands support for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) beyond version 10 to include support for versions 9 and 11.

Double-Take Availability for Linux Version 4.6 is an ideal solution for full-server continuous protection and application availability for Linux users without the expense and complexity of hardware-based replication or proprietary clustering technologies.

Product Details and Capabilities:

  • Double-Take Availability for Linux Version 4.6 provides customers with full-server capabilities, allowing them to protect their entire source server. It also boasts an added management console wizard to simplify setup of full-server protection.
  • With this release, the product now offers network auto-tuning, which is easy to install and configure and allows for easy adaption to many different network configurations automatically, often providing customers with increased performance.


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