Google AdSense for .tel Announced By Telnic

Worlds-Leading Ad Network Will Complement
User-Defined TelAds
Functionality. Continuing its mission to develop its service for the benefit of
community, Telnic, the organization behind the
award-winning .tel domain, today announced that Google AdSense will be
supported in .tel names by the end of March 2010.

Google AdSense is a free program that enables website publishers
of all
sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn additional revenue. As a
name does not host a traditional website, Telnic is enabling .tel name
with AdSense accounts to easily integrate their account credentials
using the
free control panel provided as part of the .tel service. The ads will
then be
pulled from Google’s ad network and displayed on the .tel web interface
time it is visited from a computer browser.

"As .tel evolves and more individuals and businesses look to
generate new
revenues through the service, we will continue to respond to our
and build integration in both ways with useful services that enhance the
overall offering of .tel," said Henri Asseily,
CTO and Chief Strategist at
Telnic. "Whilst those with technical skills can take advantage of the
functionality and new business opportunities that TelAds provide, we
heard a
call for a simpler solution so that everyday users can also have the
to use the world’s most recognized advertising service, simply and

Google AdSense will complement, not replace, the existing TelAds
functionality, which enables .tel owners and service providers to
.tel names with their own sponsored advertising or rich content. Once
AdSense has been successfully integrated, Telnic will consult its
to see whether other advertising networks should be supported.

Since March 24th 2009, over 275,000
.tel names have been registered by
individuals and businesses, providing a new publishing platform to reach
potential customers. "As .tel names contain only contact information and
keywords, it’s the most direct communications platform you can get.
visit, choose their contact method and then communicate. There is no
subterfuge. The purity of purpose is its major selling point," adds


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