Google to Launch 1 Gbps Fiber Network

Google will launch in the U.S. in testing a broadband network at ultra high speeds. The gigabit per second to half a million Americans.

After South Korea and Japan, the Portuguese cable operator Zon, inaugurated in late 2009 to offer Internet access to "very high speed", or 1 Gbps. For such a flow, invoice Portugal is still at around 250 euros per month. In the United States, and announced a price competitive, it is Google who could take charge of setting up such a network.

This is the new Google project it expects to conduct a trial basis. The locations of what Google calls a "broadband network at ultra high speed" has not yet been defined. A survey is open until March 26, 2010 to identify interested communities.

Google aims to establish connections FTTH (Fiber To The Home) which can therefore reach 1 gigabit per second and will cover initially 50 000 subscribers and up to 500 000. "We will provide Internet speeds over 100 times faster than what most Americans have access today," Google said adding that the networks will be competing.

According to Google, its goal is to experience new ways to make Internet access faster and better for everyone. " The group whose business is most definitively sums up his single search engine, also wants to see how developers and users will benefit from such "high-speeds.

Google Fiber Network Demo 



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