LG Devices Now Embedded with VoIP Solution of Argela

LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and
technology innovator in mobile communications and Argela, a
leading telecom solutions provider, announced that Argela’s VoIP
solution that was launched by Turk Telekom as WIROFON is embedded
in LG GM735 device for a Turk Telekom campaign. The campaign
became a huge success with 20,000 device sales in only 2 weeks.

WIROFON is a wireless service
that enables Turk Telekom customers to make calls from their
dual-mode handsets with the Wi-Fi support feature irrespective of
their location, and also in the absence of a SIM card in the
handset. Accessible through the Internet, it provides the users with
quite cheaper tariffs and enables them to stay connected, even if
they are abroad. Supported clients are Web, PC, iPhone, Symbian,
Blackberry and Android. Now the service is embedded in
LG GM735 and eases Turk Telekom subscribers’ lives through
enabling them stay connected with their Turk Telekom lines and
tariff even when they are mobile. LG GM735 offers fast internet
and file transfer by 3G, extendable memory, video conversation via
secondary internal camera and wireless connectivity.

technology behind this service is Argela’s Fixed-Mobile Convergence
solution. It removes the boundaries of telecom by helping network
operators expand their market beyond their geographical area and
allowing them to launch new, innovative, revenue-generating services.

Mr. Selim sarper, Vp of Business Development at Argela, commented
on the partnership with LG and said: “ What we, as Argela, are
always focusing on is innovation and adding value to our
customers’ businesses through this innovation. So partnering with
companies that thrive on innovation is very important for us. We
are delighted to say that our WIROFON project with Turk Telekom
and LG became a great example to this.”

Argela will be
exhibiting at Mobile World Congress – Hall1-C13 in Barcelona on
February 15-18, 2010 and demonstrating WIROFON on LG GM735 and
other devices with different clients.


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