Report: Apple Offering $59 iPod Battery Replacement

Apple enthusiast site AppleInsider confirmed on Friday that Apple is offering some iPod owners who meet certain conditions a discounted rate on battery replacement. The company has come under fire in recent months, and was taken to court over its battery life claims by owners of first, second, and third generation iPods.

Under the conditions of that settlement, members of the class-action lawsuit were entitled to a $50 USD reimbursement towards the purchase of new Apple hardware or software. Class members who purchased a third generation iPod could extend their warranty by one year, and in some cases receive a replacement. However, AppleInsider’s findings indicate the new program is for all iPod owners. For a $59 USD charge the battery will be replaced, providing tests of the device show the battery is only holding 50% of it’s original strength.

The program would give all iPod owners a $40 discount off the Battery Replacement Program. The program first started in 2003 after several iPod owners began to complain that their batteries were not performing up to Apple’s promises.

Apple representatives were not available to comment on the program, or officially confirm its existence.


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