BioShock 2 PC widescreen issue

The developers at 2K Games have the head very hard, despite their mistakes they fail to remember the lessons of the past.

They first confirmed the maintenance of a protective device can not be more restrictive and binding. This does not enhance their reputation among PC gamers who are sometimes faced with real puzzle computer. And for now, 2K Games does not make their lives easier unlike other studios such as BioWare example.

This time, it is not protecting computer which we’ll talk, but the poor support of resolutions 16 / 9 and 16/10. This problem had already been reported in the first game, a problem affecting logically owners Screen 16 / 9 and 16/10. Normally, the adoption of such resolutions leads to better visibility on the horizontal axis.

But this is not the case for Bioshock 2 which is based entirely on the ratio 4 / 3. Ultimately, the players lose sight horizontal and vertical, a true climax. Fortunately, an update will soon be proposed and will try to hopefully put an end to this affair.


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