Inttelix has launched new HR Management software

With the growing no. of companies and employees Inttelix has launched
new hr management software that helps you enhance your accuracy and
security and batter way to perform your hr operation.

These includes different software’s like time attendance software,
visitor management software, access control system, face recognition
system and suspect detection system .all these software are embedded
with new biometric technology .Biometric technology is based on some
physiological and behavioral attribute of the human being that used to
identify the particular identity. Physiological attributes like Face,
Fingerprints, Hand, Irish and Dna and behavioral attribute like
Keystroke, Signature and Voice. So biometric technology uses these both
type of attributes and identify it using its database. So with the help
of this the security of the premises can be reach at the maximum level
and accuracy is also batter then other system available.

How does it work?
First of all it stores these attributes in the database with its pre
defined registration system after that when anyone try to access these
system ,then at that instant of time it scans the face of the person
and measure physiological and behavioral attributes and then it compare
these attributes with its central database if it finds any matches then
it allows to do any activities otherwise it gives alarm or give a
message for new registration. With these system it can be used with
following software.

Time attendance software
It stores your employee’s attribute and additional to this it stores
your employees In and Out time and also calculate the no. of days
particular employees is present and how much hours he works and it
combine all things and generate well formatted report just by
specifying date a clicking generate report button .

Visitor management System
Visitor management is always a big problem in corporate companies .so
with help of these system it allows new registration and stores any
visitors face and also calculate how much time particular visitor
spends to your premises with new automated registration system.

Access control system
To enhance the security of your premises it can be used as access
control system which only allows person whom it find mach in its
central database and identify any un authorized entry too .So along
with your premises it can also be used at other public sectors like
hospitals ,hotels, shopping malls, airport and railway station .

All this software do not need any extra software support and all are
compatible with existing operating system available in the market and
also tasted against different situation and with different identity. so
in both flexibility and compatibility of these software are good.


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