PureSurf Desktop 6.2 parental control software released

BinaryNow, Inc. has released an updated version of PureSurf Desktop
6.2, that adds five new web filtering categories, multilingual support,
peer to peer (P2P) and Instant Messaging (IM) filtering and immediate
abuse filter alerts delivered via e-mail directly to mobile phones.

PureSurf Desktop provides affordable Internet filtering to protect
children from inappropriate content, illegal downloads, online
predators, and cyber bullies. It incorporates Active Content
Recognition (ACR) engine that offers complete Internet coverage by
scanning pages in real-time and categorizing content in 14 categories
like Adult, Gambling, Violence, Weapons, Hate, Drugs, Dating, Chat,
Forums, Social Networks, Blogs, and more. All popular Instant Messaging
services can be blocked and if allowed, the content of messages can be
monitored and private information, telephone numbers and home addresses
can be automatically blocked.

PureSurf Desktop time table allows setting a fixed amount of time for
the Internet access, as well as the time of day when the Internet is
available. With the daily usage quota,
parents can easily set a daily limit to control how much time their kids spend online.

PureSurf Desktop user interface supports the following languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian and

"Technology behind ACR engine created by PureSight and used in PureSurf
Desktop has been protecting kids from online threads since 1998" said
Brandon Sturgeon, co-founder of BinaryNow, Inc. " It is used by many
worldwide organizations to protect more than 15 million Internet users."

An annual subscription for PureSurf Desktop is only $19.95 per computer
and the three (3) PC family pack for $39.95 is available for families
with more computers.


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