Data Browser Feature by OfficeRecovery

OfficeRecovery presents Data Browser as the newest improvement to its
data recovery software product for corrupted SQL Server databases,
Recovery for SQL Server. Data Browser displays the structure and
contents of corrupted database, allowing the user to assess the quality
and quantity of recoverable data.

During the preview, items in the database can be selectively marked for
recovery, which is an important difference from the traditional
‘recover everything’ approach. By selecting only what is needed, users
win precious time during the recovery procedure.

As a result, Recovery for SQL Server produces a set of SQL scripts
containing the structure and data for the items selected by user.

While Recovery for SQL Server is designed to give administrators access
to corrupted databases that cannot be mounted or recovered with
standard utilities, corruption is not a prerequisite for viewing a
database with Data Browser. Perfectly healthy offline databases can be
manipulated just as easily, improving the productivity of database
administrators when performing everyday data manipulation tasks.

Recovery for SQL Server works with all modern versions of Microsoft SQL
Server, including 2008, 2008 x64 and 2008 Express. The product also
supports SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0 and 6.5.

"With database structure and data laid out in the Data Browser, it
takes only a few minutes to pinpoint and export the important pieces –
and time is a major factor when recovering from a SQL Server disaster,"
says Emil Sildos, Recoveronix CEO.

Recovery for SQL Server prices start at US $499 for a standard license.
The license allows one installation of the product and use for one
server. Other types of licenses are Enterprise, allowing two servers,
and 1-Year Service, a special license for companies providing data
recovery services.


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