Mistwalker unveils The Last Story for Wii

The upcoming Wii title Mistwalker has shown almost nothing of him until now, but Hironobu Sakaguchi reveals some details about it on the official website of the studio.

The Last Story

With fewer resources than when he worked at Square Enix, Hironobu Sakaguchi, now part of Mistwalker, has nevertheless always at heart instill in each of its productions a sense of life and a willingness to move player.

We have seen in Lost Odyssey in particular, although a certain lack of finish will prevent this as a must be on Xbox 360. But what is certain is that Mistwalker will retain, for The Last Story, this desire to offer an RPG who can take the guts.

Nod to Final Fantasy?
We know that the game is far from over, if not already. Hironobu made mention of The Last Story in a recent post on his blog where he mentions a discussion with a Mr. M.. The subject was one of the final battles of The Last Story, and obviously he will be entitled to special treatment:
"We started talking about this time ‘immobility’ in the battle near the final level of the game starting with the growth of magic and also at the user interface. I developed an integrated, but I do not want to slow the tempo of the game .. "


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