Symlabs Launches Free LDAP Browser 1.0

Symlabs, a global leader in identity management, celebrates their commitment to the best support possible for their clients and the identity management community as a whole by releasing the new Symlabs Free LDAP Browser as a tool that anyone can download and use. Symlabs hopes this will give organizations which have any type of LDAP directory some valuable assistance in managing the hidden details of their infrastructure through a friendly GUI that can access their LDAP servers and perform common administration tasks on entries stored within their directory environment.

Symlabs Free LDAP Browse v1.0 is Java-based, includes excellent TLS/SSL support, and runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris, and major Unix variants. It provides access to any standards-compliant LDAP or LDAPS server, including Active Directory, Oracle Directory Server, or Sun OpenDS, and can be used with any virtualized LDAP implementation, including Symlabs Virtual Directory Server or Symlabs LDAP Proxy. Symlabs Free LDAP Browser offers intuitive views of LDAP server and directory information in a GUI that supports searching, adding, removing, or modifying directory entries, plus it can also save operations for repeated administrative use and export directory data in LDIF format. In addition, it supports a wide-range of command-line switches, making it particularly useful for integration with other external applications and appreciated by system administrators who favor command-line scripting.

According to Jeff Zukowski, Partner and Director of Marketing for Symlabs, "This simple, effective, multipurpose tool for viewing, managing and backing up data stored in LDAP directories will prove valuable to any IT professional. When we created it we knew how beneficial opening a window to this environment could be, so offering Symlabs LDAP Browser as a freely available tool is a contribution we’re pleased we can make."


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