Youtube Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

The site for sharing videos celebrates five years of existence.

This is an anniversary that could almost pass unnoticed. Five of YouTube have in fact been much less publicized than six years of Facebook. However, YouTube is now an inescapable web with the boom in online video.

Bought in October 2006 by Google for $ 1.65 billion, YouTube was created in February 2005 by three employees of PayPal: Steve Chen and Chad Hurley (photo-cons after the acquisition by Google), Jawed Karim. Currently CEO of YouTube, Chad Hurley that it was a split ticket this weekend to recall the record February 14, 2005 the domain name YouTube.

Unlike the usual celebrations for such anniversary, Chad Hurley did not disclose any of the astronomical figures related to YouTube. He had already done during the three year anniversary of the acquisition by Google in October 2009, reporting a rate of consultation videos at a rate of 1 billion per day!

The "revolution of online video"
For the five years of YouTube, Chad Hurley took accents democratic, arguing that the video gives voice to people of all backgrounds. "The movie has the power to give birth to a set of faces and voices of the most diverse ever seen or heard in human history".

Yet if Chad Hurley thanked the YouTube community, he also spare a thought for content creators but to refer to partners who are nominated for "tools of control" and a "business model". Questions that are frequently debate with YouTube, to show all the difficulties that such experienced the site to sign with Warner Music. A competitor Veoh as YouTube will not he resisted the onslaught of Vivendi Universal and just declare bankruptcy.

With five years of existence, YouTube shows the ambition of becoming the "standard video streaming online, without being overlooked for the next innovation: 3D deployment of speech recognition technology. End of 2009, YouTube has taken this to 1080p high-definition video and tests since the beginning of the year a player HTML 5. Side "Web standard, the choice of the H.264 codec owner does not appeal to everyone.

As YouTube is preparing to celebrate its fifth anniversary throughout the year, we can expect some news for 2010. On YouTube, the video was first being put on line is entitled "Me at the zoo. Always available, it depicts the co-founder Jawed Karim at San Diego Zoo. It is available since April 23, 2005:


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