On-Screen TV Search Service for Home Viewers From LiveSearchTV

Idioma Ltd.,
a leading broadcast monitoring company that
provides solutions to customers like Nielsen, GFK and TNS since 2001,
presents LiveSearchTV, the first on-screen TV search service for home

With a click of the remote control TV viewers can enter keywords
LiveSearchTV (LsTV) scans all broadcast channels in real-time. When
detections are made, viewers are given an easy option to switch to the
relevant channel.

LiveSearchTV is an integration of cutting edge audio detection
technologies with Idioma’s field proven SmartLog, an automated broadcast
monitoring platform.

"With LiveSearchTV the TV viewing experience comes to life as
viewers are
directed to channels where their keywords are detected " noted Zeev
CEO of Idioma. "LiveSearchTV makes the broadcast content on hundreds of
available channels relevant and accessible like never before. ", he

Having implemented the LsTV platform, operators will be able to
this unique on-screen search service to subscribers. The LsTV will also
enable new personalized services and will enhance VOD and DVR offering.


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