Google donates 2 million dollars to Wikimedia

With iconic project for Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation refloated its coffers through a substantial donation of two million dollars from Google.

Known for being the co-founder of free encyclopedia Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales has failed to hold her tongue and fanned on Twitter information before its official who must intervene in the coming hours. Google has donated two million to the Wikimedia Foundation!

Organization non-profit, the Wikimedia Foundation works to spread knowledge to as many people for free. In addition to Wikipedia, she oversees several projects, including Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons or Wikinews. Earlier this year she completed her collection of donations in 2009 with over 8 million dollars obtained through the generosity of 240 000 people. Suddenly, so it’s 2 million more.

In preview, the Director General of the Wikimedia Foundation discloses the press release that will introduce this donation made by Google through its philanthropic arm. Sue Gardner said a "big news" from both a financial standpoint than symbolic: "I think that Wikimedia and Google are natural allies and partners. We both want to help the dissemination of information to individuals around the world. "

If Google and the Wikimedia Foundation have collaborated on projects including translation of content Wikipedia is the first time that Google will donate. These funds will support the costs of technical infrastructure to cope with the rise of global traffic, and to make Wikipedia easier to use and more accessible.

A "wonderful gift" by Jimmy Wales, while Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, speaks of "one of the greatest triumphs of the Web" when he speaks with all the Wikipedia collective knowledge available to anyone online .


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