HighTec’s OS PXROS- HR Get Support From Vector Software

Vector Software, the leading provider of software
test tools for embedded systems, today announced support for the
real-time operating system PXROS-HR developed by HighTec. The integrated
management of the TriCore memory protection unit (MPU) within PXROS-HR
encapsulates for each task its data, stack, interrupt service routine
and even the objects of inter-task-communication. PXROS-HR is able to
build, link, reload and debug parts of an application independently
without stopping the underlying system.

VectorCAST’s integration of the PXROS-HR enables customers to
execute module tests in a running TriCore application like a process on a
host operating system. The benefit for the customer is that only the
test case will be instrumented, which results in minimal RAM
requirements. The coverage of an application can be measured under
real-time conditions by loading and executing one or several test cases
into a running application. This new technology for the TriCore gives
customers new flexibility in the testing process and leads to a
significant reduction of testing costs. In addition, the memory
protection ensures that there are no adverse effects between the test
modules and the running application. This solution is perfectly suited
for reducing testing cost in a certification process for safety critical
“This new integration is another example of Vector Software’s
commitment to the industry for safety critical applications”

Bill McCaffrey, Director of Marketing at Vector Software. “With the
future IEC 61508 or similar standards, unit testing and code coverage
are becoming more relevant than ever. The development of our integration
with the TriCore family of chips will make it easier for companies
using this architecture to meet their quality goals efficiently”.
“Software applications in the automotive and industrial sectors are
becoming more and more complex. By cooperating with Vector software and
by integrating our operating system PXROS-HR, compiler and GDB-debugger
into Vector Software tools, we provide a high quality test environment,
which meets high standards and, at the same time, reduces testing costs”
says Dr. Strothmann.


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