Photon Star 1.0 is now available

Calf Trail Software, LLC is announcing the release of Photon Star
1.0 today. By rating all the pictures in an iPhoto library, a user can
enjoy their best photos more. Photon Star is designed to make this
process fun and fast by letting customers use a remote control or
keyboard to navigate a surprisingly efficient workflow.

Photon Star searches the iPhoto library for pictures that need star
ratings. The user may choose an album containing unrated photos, and
Photon Star presents the photos in an uncluttered rating interface that
may even be made full screen.

The rating process is divided by Photon Star into four stages, one
between each of iPhoto’s rating levels. During every rating stage the
user needs only to decide whether a photo will be held at the current
star level or promoted to a higher rating. By keeping the decision
focused on the simple question, "Does this picture belong in a higher
stage?", Photon Star helps the user concentrate on the photos
themselves. The rating process flows smoothly without the distraction
of making a complex, 5-way decision for every photo on its own.

Calf Trail aims to help users better enjoy and share their
photographs by providing useful apps to help efficiently organize large
amounts of photos. This product lineup started with Geotagalog, a
straightforward geotagging utility that lets a GPS logger do the hard
work of organizing photos based on where they were taken. Now Photon
Star adds another important piece by helping a user quickly filter or
prioritize their iPhoto library. After rating their library using
Photon Star, a user can spend more time with their favorite photos out
of all they have taken.


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