System Management Easier Than Ever Due to ProactiveWatch Administrative Tools

ProactiveWatch, a leading provider of remote
monitoring and management software for Managed Service Providers, VARs, and other IT support companies, announced the
immediate availability of built-in innovative administrative tools
that provide improved visibility and speed remediation of their
clients’ systems.

The new
tools, integrated into the ProactiveWatch monitoring console,
provide single-click access to key information on remote systems when
the monitoring system detects an issue. With these new tools, IT
Providers have instant access to common tasks needed to be performed
on the remote computer without the need to login to the remote
computer or setup a VPN.

“The new widgets built into ProactiveWatch reduce
the resolution time needed to solve many IT issues,” said Michael
Mittel, CEO of ProactiveWatch. “And they are extremely easy and
intuitive to use since they replicate the look and feel of their
Window’s counterparts, like Task Manager, Event Log Viewer and
Services Manager.”

The Task Manager tool is nearly identical to the
Window’s Task Manager, rendering a near real-time view of the
remote system processor, memory and key metrics. A version of the
Service Manager lists the services running on the remote system
with the ability to start/stop/restart services for quick
remediation. Other tools include a process list, with the ability
to remotely kill processes and Event Log Viewer, which will be
released in March.

Uniquely designed for Service Providers that
support the SMB market, setup and configuration takes just
seconds, and ProactiveWatch does not require any additional
hardware or software at the VAR or client site. MSPs, VARs or
Solution Providers can learn more from the company website and can
take advantage of the risk-free 30 day trial to try the software


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